We believe luxury is meant to be lived in. That just because you invest in your wardrobe, doesn’t mean you should have to make extra trips to the dry cleaners. That’s why all of our clothes are built under the philosophy of Wash, Dry, Wear (WDW), which means they are made to be washed at home. Read below to see our recommendations for how to make your washing experience easy as cake.

As always with our products, we will put more specific garment care information on each product page. Please refer back to the garment tag or the product page.

Wash in cold water, tumble dry, wear (Tip from Billy: "If your clothes have been sitting in the dryer for a while and they're a bit wrinkled… Hang your Draddy on a dowel drying rack… or even the back of a chair and the wrinkles will fall out.  I actually store my shirts on a dowel rack…not folded for that reason.)

Turn your sweater inside out.  Wash in cold water on gentle cycle–cold water is crucial here. Remove from washer and dry flat on a towel, stretching the sweater into its original shape while still damp (Tip from Billy: "For merino wool I recommend using a few drops of Murphy's Oil Soap. This will give longevity to the natural wool fibers")

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